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Little Rave

This is me and my friend messin’ around with some rave lights:

Going to Shambhala soon. SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO excited! YAY!

That’s all.


My Spiritual Awakening

This is my spiritual awakening:

I explain how I went from being ego-identified, OCD and mentally sick… to happy, healthy, peaceful, free and aligned with my true purpose, aligned with God. I explain that by learning how to let go and succumb to spirit, I actually found MORE control and freedom than I had ever had before.

We all deserve to live happy, healthy, dignified lives. We all deserve to THRIVE and GROW and EXPAND and EVOLVE! Not just merely survive…

It’s up to US to choose to become present and centered in the body. It’s up to US to eat the right foods and keep our bodies healthy so we can feel happy and remain on the right frequency… so we can feel our true power within. And think the right thoughts to transform this world. It’s up to US to really ask ourselves what we truly want and to DO those things to CREATE the life we’ve always wanted.

All of *your* dreams ARE attainable, but endless worry and stress will keep you locked in your current situation. The more you worry about what you don’t have… the more you will have it… pretty obvious when you think about it, right?

So if you really want to start achieving all your dreams, if you want to feel blissful and free, learn to let go. The mind is our greatest tool, and yet can be our greatest enemy. Learn to watch the mind and you will learn to control it. And once again, let go! Endless thinking will not bring fruitful results, only more stress and pain.

*The Shift* is upon us. We are LIVING it right NOW! *You* are shifting, whether you are aware of it or not. If you want to become more aware of what’s happening to you, meditate. Go inside and STOP thinking! Free yourself from the mind!

We are ALL moving from a lower vibration to a higher one. We are all becoming intensely aware of our connection to each other and the infinite. Our connection to higher vibrational energies is stronger than ever. Our ability to manifest our dreams is stronger than ever before. If we align ourselves with this power, anything is possible.

The entire world is starting to wake up to the fact that we are all ONE consciousness. Either you can become AWARE of what’s happening to you, watch yourself unfold and add to the mystery… or you can remain in the dark.

*** Sorry for the crappy quality of the video near the end! Just keep the video small and focus on my voice rather than search for the details of my face.

Thanks for watching!

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Raise Your Vibration! Connect to Your Spirit!

Me… Christina Martine, talking about how important it is to RAISE YOUR VIBRATION!

When we are solely based in our minds, completely identified with our thoughts, our energy doesn’t flow properly. Our realities are limited and our vibrations remain low.

If we take the time to go into the body and connect to spirit IN THE NOW, our realities expand. Consciousness flows through us in the most beautiful, natural way possible.

All suffering depends on stories created with the mind.When we are totally present, there is no suffering. When we allow ourselves to be immersed in the NOW, we feel that we are love. Our vibrations raise and we can feel our connection to the divine, to our limitless potential, and to other higher vibrational energy beings, etc…

Life suddenly becomes easier, more magical. We suddenly have more power, more control over our realities. By letting go and surrendering to spirit and TRUSTING in your intuition/higher self, everything will start to make sense.

We cannot grasp everything with the mind and if we choose to live ONLY within the mind, we’re limiting ourselves.

Remember to return to the now. We are connected to our full power IN THE NOW.

Get present by: Grounding yourself through becoming aware of the flow of breath. Become aware of the flow of energy in your body and pay attention on where you place your attention. Where are you living from?

Do things that you LOVE to do. Doing activities that you love to do instantly bring you into the NOW and connect you with your highest potential and power. It’s really this simple. I promise.

You are from an infinite supply of love and light. You ARE that same love and light. When you allow yourself to be totally in the now, doing what you love to do, your vibration will instantly raise and you will feel your connection to the source.

Your reality is your choice. Your life is YOURS to create.

Remain centered, remember your power. Life is really a lot more simple than it appears to be. You are infinite. And free.

Connect to Your Spirit! Live From the Heart! Find Your Purpose!

When we’re connected to spirit, every aspect of our life flows in harmony. We calm the mind, balance the emotions and energize the body. We reach our highest potential and fulfill our life purpose. Life becomes a gift. Every moment, a miracle.

If you want to learn how to get connected to your spirit, stay present, and centered in the heart, watch this video:

I talk about what it actually means to connect to the heart and how we’re shifting from mind identification to a more heart-centered reality.

If you want to know how to interpret the language of the heart and figure out what you’re supposed to be doing in life, watch the video! :)

*The Shift* is upon us. People are waking up to the fact that we are spirits inhabiting human forms… that we really are all one consciousness. It’s an exciting time to be alive.

Connect to your spirit, breathe, remain centred, and you’ll find that everything you want in life will start to manifest. Health in every aspect. Dreams fulfilled. There are no limits. Only the ones we create in the mind.

Thank you. Namaste.

Spiritual Benefits of Raw Foods

I uploaded another video to youtube. Check it:

Raw foods are ALIVE! They are filled with LIVING ENERGY! They vibrate at a high frequency and help raise our own frequency, pushing out any lower frequencies.

In the video, I make my own version of the famous green drink. I call it my Super Green Smoothie! Here’s the recipe:

-few leaves of kale, spinach and rainbow chard
-one carrot
-tsp. maca
-1/4 tsp. spirulina
-tsp. hemp seed
-tsp. psyllium husk
-pinch of chia seeds
-half a cup of lemon juice
-cup of *blessed* filtered water

Juice cleansing can be really beneficial for eliminating toxins from the body.

What do you put in your green drinks?

Where Do We Come From?

I posted another video to my youtube channel: a couple of days ago:

I answer the questions: Where do we come from? Who are we? Why do we separate from unity consciousness? Do we reincarnate on Earth?


I got a new camera: GoProHero3 and I’m loving it! Making high-quality videos where I have a lot more energy… Learning to let go and just trust in my intuition, let go of my insecurities, speak my truth and just let it all flow. Life is amazing.

Excited to upload the better-quality ones soon!

Spiritual Advice on Relationships

So I made a video the other day of me talking about how to deal with ego-maniacs, narcissists, etc… About how when people lash out at you, it’s not personal. And you don’t have to get affected by it. Ever.

I truly believe that these people have simply forgotten their true nature, forgotten that they’re made of love and light. In a way, we can view them as ill… They only are cruel because they’re afraid. They don’t have the awareness that they are in fact a presence behind their body, the things that they do, the “personality” they’ve created.

Would you get mad at someone for being sick? No, of course not. The same should be practiced with ego-identified individuals. We must bless our enemies, for when we do, we bless ourselves. When we curse them, we only enhance the traits that we despise, in us.

I also went over romantic relationships—healthy ones versus non-healthy ones. What relationships are for, and how to manifest your dream lover into your life.

I’ve always wanted to share some of my ideas about spirituality in a video, but have been hesitant to up until now. It feels so good to let go, to show the world who I really am deep down. I feel now, more than ever, that I’m allowing myself to express my authentic self. No more waiting for life to happen. I’m baring all, and oddly, I feel more comfortable than ever.

Anyway, please watch and comment/question if you’d like.

<3 Namaste <3

Enlightened Books

So I’m publishing my second novel, Wake Me, soon and also starting my own publishing company, Enlightened Books. I’m accepting donations on Indiegogo. If any of you could help out, that would be sooo awesome! I’m offering giveaways including free copies of my new novel, stickers, bookmarks, etc! Check out the campaign here:


You can read more about the project here:

Short Summary

Hey, I’m Christina Martine, an artist, author and soon-to-be publisher!

With your help, I’m going to be self-publishing my second novel, Wake Me, soon. It’s a vampire book, but it’s also a spirituality and philosophy book. And no, my vampires don’t sparkle.

Wake Me will be the first novel to be published under my new publishing company, Enlightened Books, which will focus solely on publishing novels about spiritual evolution and enhancing consciousness.

By donating, you are helping to create a publishing company will spread important knowledge about living in enlightenment, a state that we all deserve to be living in NOW!

Where the funds Go & What You Get

The $2000 that I’m trying to raise will go toward:

-hiring a professional to create unique cover art for Wake Me

-hiring a professional to format Wake Me (paperback, e-book editions)

-business license for Enlightened Books

-printing costs

-website re-vamping

I’ve already put in $500 into this project and I’m serious about getting it out into the world, but I could really use your help! As a thank you, I’m offering some sweet giveaways including:

-free copies of the e-book version of Wake Me

-free copies of the paperback version of Wake Me

-stickers and signed bookmarks designed by me

-sincere acknowledgement on my website and inside Wake Me

-donation of Wake Me to any library of your choice

-donations to any charity of your choice

-personal book club meet and greet

*You can email me at to confirm that I am sending you your goodies and to update your address/email, etc. *

Whether the goal of $2000 is reached or not, all donations will go toward the creation of Enlightened Books, the publication of Wake Me, and the publication of other novels, in time!

The Impact

We all know that there is something wrong with our current system. We’re destroying the planet and the very people that inhabit it. We all know that this insanity doesn’t have to occur, but we have let it become the norm. Our society is ruled by the mind, by the ego’s desires to attain power and control over others.

It’s my greatest wish to tell people that we DON’T have to live like this. By turning inward to the eternal in us, we would realize that all this insanity is actually meaningless and stopping us from real evolution.

With the company, Enlightened Books, I hope to show people that enlightenment is not only something for hippies and gurus. It’s our natural, eternal state of love, peace and bliss. A state we ALL deserve to me living in now!

Help me achieve this goal and in turn, you’ll be helping me spread this message to the world. You’ll also be helping me publish indie authors from all over the globe with something extremely important to say.

Other Ways You Can Help

If you can’t contribute, you can still help by:

-telling people to donate to this campaign

-using the Indiegogo share tools

-taking up a meditative practice to free yourself from the mind and realize your true potential!

Keep In Touch With Christina Martine


Facebook Page:


Thank You so much for all your love and support!


Choose Enlightenment Now.

Enlightenment is not something we must go searching for. It is not something external from us. We all can choose enlightenment now by turning inward. By allowing ourselves to be one with the moment, totally present. By choosing to let go of the endless list of “I needs” and “to dos”. By letting go of the anger, the pain, the fear. By learning from the past and letting it go. By planning for the future, but also, letting it go. By being totally in the now, surrendering everything to the moment, to your inner power.

Practice non-attachment. Stop resisting the now. Breathe. Turn inward. Feel the limitless, unconditional love inside of you. This is what you are. There is no opposite. There is only love and light. From above and below. All around us. Inside of us. Turn inward and feel that love, feel that your natural, eternal state is love. Beyond sensations and emotions that arise from thought. Love is what you are made of. Always has and always will be. Stop thinking. Let go of any pain and resistance. Surrender to the moment. Recognize that your mind and heart are tools. Know that you are beyond form. Choose to live from spirit. Trust that spirit is taking you where you need to be. Trust that you are in exactly the place you need to be in for your evolution. Surrender. Let go… and let life flow. Resistance and endless worrying and planning will make you stagnant. Let life flow. Breathe in. Breathe out. Feel your connection to your breath, to the divine. Trust that by going inward, the answers will come naturally, easily. Trust that by letting go of thought and surrendering to the moment, you are gaining more control, more clarity, more joy. The truth.


Sometimes I forget how beautiful life is, how simple it is to let go and choose to feel the love within me. I get so caught up in my thoughts, my anger and pain. I blame. I question. I analyze until I can no longer feel my spirit. This is ego taking over. I can feel it when it is happening, but it can be so seductive, just like the way pain can be when we feel we deserve it.

Recently I came across a situation, a person, who I found it hard to get along with. I tried to brush away my worries, but something inside of me couldn’t. I felt fear around this person, felt pain strike my chest when they were near. Felt my stomach, my 3rd chakra pang with unease when they would speak, my ego severely threatened. I understand now that the person was unaware. Not present and instead living from ego.

When you awaken, you’re still going to come into contact with very unaware people. Even more so, perhaps, because they need your help the most. But if you’re anything like me, extremely sensitive energetically, it can be hard to not take on their psychic pollution and negativity. It can be hard not to be sucked into their egoic states. These kinds of people are sick but do not know it. Completely ruled by the mind, they lash out if their egos are threatened and this can be overwhelming to sensitive people, even completely awakened ones.

So what do we do when we come into contact with these egoic psychopaths? Remain present. The worst thing to do around ego-centred people is to over analyze, get caught up in thoughts and emotions. If you do, you’re only feeding their egos and playing their game, feeding their sickness. Instead, we must turn inward. It can be hard to not want to react, but in doing so, we only create more fear, feed our own ego. We must choose our reactions and continue to light the way, even if it does illuminate others’ nasty habits.

When you can’t understand why someone is treating you cruelly, when your ego/self-image is threatened and you want to speak out, instead, stop. Breathe. Remain centred. Ground yourself. Feel love shooting up from the earth and into you from the heavens. Feel love in every part of your body. Feel stillness, feel calm and clarity. Feel the space within you. And then once you’re ready to speak from spirit instead of mind, let the truth come out. Open your heart centre. Envision green light flooding from your body and filling the room. And while you’re speaking, be aware of your presence. Be aware that you are in control of your reactions. Be aware that nothing and no one can hurt you.

Once you are awake, the learning doesn’t stop. More challenges arise. We must remain present and speak honestly to the ones around us who make us hurt. We must stop finding fault in others, for it only strengthens our own faults. We must love even our enemies for they are a part of us. We must understand that everyone is on a different journey and is doing the best that they can, given the awareness they have. We must stop judging and blaming. It’s time to take responsibility for our consciousness and for our own evolution.

Stop blaming external situations on your state of happiness. If you don’t like the situation you’re in, change it, accept it, or walk away. There is nothing else. Happiness is always an option. Joy and peace and bliss are always with you. Open your eyes and be grateful for the miracle of life. Surrender to the now.

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You Can Heal Your Life

I finished the book You Can Heal Your Life by Louise L. Hay a while ago and I’m excited to write about it because I feel that yes, it did help heal my life. Or at least I allowed it to. Some of Louise’s main philosophies are:

-We are each responsible for all of our experiences.
-Every thought we think is creating our future.
-The point of power is always in the present moment.
-Everyone suffers from self-hatred and guilt.
-The bottom line for everyone is, “I’m not good enough.”
-It’s only a thought, and a thought can be changed.
-Resentment, criticism and guilt are the most damaging patterns.
-Releasing resentment will dissolve even cancer.
-When we really love ourselves, everything in our life works.
-We must release the past and forgive everyone.
-We must be willing to begin to learn to love ourselves.
-Self-approval and self-acceptance in the now are the key to positive changes.
-We create every so-called “illness” in out body.

I’ve always been very spiritual and have believed in things like “The Secret”… but have always questioned and doubted myself and my power… this book helped me remember my own ideas and beliefs, but also gave me a practical approach to using them to create the life I want.

The one thing really affected me was that, although this book is very spiritual and encourages positivity, love, etc, it also encourages you to think about your limiting negative beliefs and where they came from. Authority figures, parents, etc… Then she teaches you how to let go of those nasty thoughts that you have about yourself—because that’s all they really are: thoughts, not reality—and forgive the people who were cruel to you and “made” you believe those things in the first place.

I had never really sat down and thought about all the horrible things I tell myself on a daily basis… I just let them go unnoticed, choosing to focus on positivity… because that’s what every other “spiritual” book tells you to do, right? It was amazing to see that I wasn’t getting what I wanted in life because on some level, I didn’t feel I deserved it…

This book is really about self-love. Learning how to love every part of yourself and your life. Because when it comes down to it, when you love yourself, everything makes sense. Life is easy.

A simple exercise to help you get started is to go look in the mirror and tell yourself: {Name} I love and accept you for exactly who you are. Try it. See how you feel. What emotions arise inside? Are you still criticising yourself? Stop. It won’t get you anywhere.

If you’re afraid that if you stop criticising, you’ll loose control… don’t be. For example, often if I’ve “screwed up” while dieting, I’ve felt the need to punish myself, tell myself horrible things… this only creates hatred… which creates fear, which creates a need to punish yourself with overeating or undereating, etc… and the cycle continues. In essence, the criticism doesn’t put you in control… It puts your ego in control. Your false, noxious thoughts. Why not instead focusing on loving yourself?

Louise talks about health and diet and the food we eat… but she doesn’t believe in “dieting”… she believes that the best diet is a good mindset, and from personal experience, I’d have to agree. If you love yourself and your life, you’re going to want to nourish yourself with good food. You won’t feel the need to punish yourself with bad food or drugs. You’re going to want to enjoy life, be active, etc… It’s really not any more complicated than that.

Another great exercise to try if you want to start loving yourself and EVERY part of your life, is to create a “Manifesation List.” At least, that’s what I call it. Think about the life you want. Think about what you could be doing… be specific. Then write down everything… IN THE PRESENT. If you tell the universe you WANT something, you’ll always be wanting it… If you say that you HAVE it… it’s already yours.

Include your dreams, your desires, your goals for every area of your life: health, love, career, etc… and watch as your list becomes a reality. Read your list aloud to yourself every day for 6 weeks and it will sink in. Be aware of the thoughts you CHOOSE to think. Consciously create the life you want.

After creating my list, I kept adjusting things as time went on. I added new things and took away other things. I also kept realizing what areas in life I had to work on. Where I had learning to do. Where I had to let go…

Every day is exciting for me now. I honestly feel like a completely new person. I no longer get mad and blame others for my problems. When I do feel a negative response arise within me, I’m happy about it on some level, because I know that I have another area of myself to work on, another lesson to learn.

I see miracles everywhere because I believe in them. What do you believe in?

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